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Abus 76 Series High Security Safety Locks

  • B: Boxed (Commercial) Packaging
  • Solid Aluminum Lock Body Encased by Colored Plastic Cover
  • Automatic Double Bolt Locking Mechanism for User Convenience
  • Precision 8-Pin Cylinder Guarantees 200,000 Keyed Different (KD) Bittings
  • Color: Blue, Red, Yellow or Green
  • Key Retaining: Padlock Retains Key Until Locked
  • Keying: Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA) or Master Keyed (MK)
  • Specs_Width: 1-1/2" Wide; Shackle Height: 1-1/2" or 3" Tall
  • Shackle1-1/2" Nylon/Steel (76/40), 1-1/2" Steel with Plastic Sleeve (76PS/40), 3" Nylon/Steel (76/40HB75), 1-1/2 Stainless Steel (76IB/40), or 3" Stainless Steel (76IB/40HB75)


For 76 Series Extra Cut Keys 

For 76 Series MK Master Keys

Abus 76 Series High Security Safety Locks

Security Level:Level 6
Packaging:B: Boxed (Commercial)
Depth e:

76/40: 25/32 inch

76/40HB75_76PS_76IB/40: 55/64 inch

Keys:1 Key Included Only: one worker, one lock, one key
Height f:

76/40: 3-35/64 inch

76PS/40: 3-35/64 inch

76IB/40: 3-½ inch

76IB/40HB75: 4-59/64 inch

76/40HB75: 4-61/64 inch

Horizontal clearance b:

76/40 Series: ¾ inch

76PS/40: ¾ inch

76IB/40: 25/32 inch

76IB/40HB75: 25/32 inch

Locking elements:8-Pin Cylinder
Shackle diameter d:

76/40 Series: ¼ inch

76PS/40: ¼ inch

76IB/40: 13/64 inch

76IB/40HB75: 13/64 inch

Vertical clearance c:

76/40: 1-½ inch

76PS/40: 1-½ inch

76IB/40: 1-17/32 inch

76/40HB75: 2-61/64 inch

76IB/40HB75: 2-63/64 inch

Weight [lbs]:

76/40: 0.28 lbs

76PS/40: 0.28 lbs

76IB/40: 0.27 lbs

76IB/40HB75: 0.29 lbs

76/40HB75: 0.30 lbs

Width a:1-37/64 inch

Choose Keying:

 - Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA) or Master Keyed (MK)

Color:Choose Color:Blue, Red, Yellow or Green

76/40 Series: Plastic Shackle

76PS/40 Series: Steel Shackle with Plastic Sleeve

76IB/40 Series: Stainless Steel Shackle

Key Retaining:Lock Retains Key Until Locked


Abus 76 Series High Security Safety Locks


Abus 76 Series Safety Padlocks: The High Security Aluminum Core Safety Lock. Choose Color: Blue, Red, Yellow or Green. Choose Keying: Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA), or Master Keyed (MK). Choose Shackle:1-1/2" Nylon-Covered Steel (76/40), 1-1/2" Steel w-Plastic Sleeve (76PS/40), 1-1/2" Stainless Steel (76IB/40), 3-Inch Nylon-Covered Steel (76/40HB75) or 3-Inch Stainless Steel (76IB/40HB75).