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About Us



Welcome to The Lock Source.

I started The Lock Source because I want to sell you locks. All of your locks. But first, I need to win your trust and this is how I plan on doing so. 

I started in the lock industry right after 9/11 in 2001. I didn’t go into the lock business because of 9/11 necessarily but, at the time, I did know that our world had changed, and locks and security would play a prominent role in our future.

The lock company that hired me wanted to build an e-commerce website, which at the time was a pretty big deal. In 2001, a “website” usually meant a static home page that had a blurry version of your logo listed next to your address, phone number and, most importantly, your fax number!

It took over 2 years to complete, but we built a massively successfully e-commerce site that, for the time, was a one-of-a-kind gem in the industry. We took a small local brick-and-mortar shop, put their inventory online and became a nationally recognized brand - and then, soon after, an international one. 

Becoming a Source

Back then, Yahoo was the king (remember Overture?) and not many people had even heard of Google. When we first went on Amazon they didn’t sell direct. We were also one of the first companies to beta test Fulfilment by Amazon, before the “storage” fees went through the "virtual" roof.

Eventually Google became King, Amazon started selling direct and competing against its own customer, and just like that the landscape had changed. Fortunately, a good e-commerce site will stand the test of time, which was the case.

So we rode the wave of Internet Sales for the next decade, the ups and the downs and everything in between, but the site continued to grow so much that it attracted lots of attention. Many competitors copied us, and the big boys tried to buy us until our owner couldn’t hold out any longer and eventually sold the site and the company to private equity.  

I personally stayed on to help transition the company and my website but left after a year so I could begin to ride out my non-compete clause.

Well, that Non-Compete Clause is Over and I’m Back!


Back to the part about me selling you all of your locks.



I started The Lock Source because I want to make our industry better.



I want to help customers source not just the Best Items but the Right Items that work for them: not the dead stock the factory wants us to sell you so they can clear their inventory or the latest new line that no one seemed to ask for but the factory pushes down our throat every chance they get.



I want to help customers source their locks fast and at the best price possible (even if that’s not from me. Really.) I have grown up in the industry, and for over 20 years have worked with dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of distributors and thousands of people. I know my way around this field, I know where to look, who to ask and how to get results, which is what I will do for you.



I know how the factories work, I know what’s in stock, what’s not and how long different items take to be manufactured, packaged and shipped from each location. I know the people that work there and will call them on your behalf to get your information quickly and directly from the source.



There’s no reason to worry any longer about getting the right locks for you or your organization when you have The Lock Source on your side. Let us do the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong items from the wrong people … The Lock Source will order for you, so you can focus on your job and responsibilities.



I spent over 20 years in this business and 1 year out of it. Over that year I have worked with home service companies and noticed something very strange: they value their customers.



They listen to what they have to say, they hear their concerns, and they try their best to fix their problems. They have to, because their reputation, their company, their livelihood is determined by their customer’s success.



There is only way to treat customers in this day and age, and that is with the utmost respect. We need to do our best at all times; we need to be open, accessible and communicative with all customers. Things might not always go right, the items they buy might not always be correct. But we have to always do what we can to make things right. We always have to listen to what our customers are saying and do what we can to make experience a positive one.



Coming back into the lock industry after a year away, I don’t see much change. I don’t see a commitment level to customer service, which is another aspect I will bring to The Lock Source. I don’t list any lead times on our items, because once an order is placed we will source that item for you, and then call you directly to let you know the exact shipping date and lead time.



Most websites don't even listen phone numbers any longer. I put down my cell number so you can reach me at any time. Most companies list their schedule, Monday through Friday. I will not do that because we will ALWAYS be open. We will ship Monday through Saturday, and I will answer your calls at any time.



The Lock Source

The Lock Source was built to sell you locks, yes, lots of different types of locks for lots of different applications. But our main goal is to be a SOURCE for you, the lock buyer. The Lock Source has been in this industry for over 20 years. We know the items, we know the factories, we know the landscape, and we know the clients. Our specialty has always been to help find you the locks and hardware you need the quickest, and at the best price and that is what we will continue to do. We know industry, and we know how to get you what you need. We know products, and we know what’s good and what’s just hype. We know the good deals, and we know the rip-offs.



My specialty has always been sourcing the best locks at the best deals in the quickest way possible, and that’s what I will bring to all of my Lock Source customers.



Best of all, The Lock Source is not beholden to any factory or manufacturer. We used to get great deals on factory buys, IF we took on and promoted the manufacturer’s crappy line that no one could move (and no customer wanted). The Lock Source will not do that.



The last lock company I worked for didn’t treat their customers very well. That is not how The Lock Source will operate. For one, I will personally call every customer to give them an update on their order. No more guesswork, nothing to hide, I will call you. I will work for you and I will work hard for you.



If you have a question or a concern, give us a shout. If you need a lock we can get for you quickly, give us a chance to do our thing. We will not rest until we are your source for locks ... until everyone knows: The Lock Source.