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Locker Locks & Storage Security to Fit Every Facility

The World’s Largest Supply of Locker and Storage Security Products!

Here at The Lock Source, we’ve had over 20 years’ experience in the wholesale lock and hardware business. We have bought and sold locks and padlocks for several years, from dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of door security companies and businesses.

We consider ourselves experts in the field of locks and door hardware. But … if there is one area where we really like to show off our expertise, it would be our Locker Lock section.

The Lock Source carries the world’s largest selection of Locker Locks from Master Lock, who offers the widest range of innovative locker and storage products. Our Locker Padlocks are separated across three main Locker Lock categories:

  • Education Locker Locks
  • Locker Padlocks for Business & Employees
  • Health Club & Recreation Locker Locks

Education: Known for strong, reliable locker security, Master Lock Locker Locks provide schools with convenient and efficient administration of locker locks, including laser engraved locks and key control padlocks. Master Lock Locker Padlocks are engineered to be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of education institutions, and make maintenance of the locks (the yearly migration, installation and combination changing) simple and fast so that you can start every new school year stress free.

Health & Recreation: The Lock Source understands that building loyalty with a frequent flow of guess requires good service and a clean, safe and efficient environment. Our Locker Locks for Health Clubs & Gym Facilities helps elevate the locker room experience. Our selection of Health & Recreational Club Locker Locks can fit any facility, ranging from portable to built-in, keyed to combination, single or multi-user. The wide range of choices allows operators and supervisors to optimize locker room management, while allowing staff members to focus on other front desk tasks and training required to provide optimal service.

Business & Employee: Our Locker Locks for businesses and employees features storage security products that are strong and easy-to-use in the workplace, help making employees and visitors feel confident that their valuables are being well protected. From manufacturing facilities to hospitals and government buildings, our Locker Padlocks provide several options that all offer peace of mind.

Our huge selection of Locker Locks is spread out amongst eight (8) unique sections, each offering various types of locker locks used for different applications:

  • Combination Locker Locks – Pre-Set Combinations.
  • Electronic Locker Locks – Enhanced visual and audio signaling and clear identification of locker vacancy.
  • Multi-User Locker Locks – Designed for multiple users in a day or for facilities with high customer turnover.
  • Portable Locker Locks – Easy to coordinate and assign.
  • Keyed Locker Locks – When a key is needed to enter or used as another form of entry.
  • ADA-Approved Locker Locks – Meet the United States Department of Justice “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.”
    • This Standard requires 5% of lockers meet ADA specifications
  • Key Control Locker Locks – Provide supervisory access for school and facility supervisors.

All Locker Locks can be customized in any available format through The Lock Source, including color-coded locks, matching keys & key numbers, control charts & laser engraving. For a quote on Locker Locks for your school, facility or club Contact The Lock Source Today!