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Your New Source for Locks, Padlocks & Access Control!

Your New Source

The Lock Source, Your New Source for Locks, Padlocks and Electric Strikes for Access Control!

I started The Lock Source because I want to make our industry better. I want to help customers source the right items that work for them, not the dead stock the factory wants us to sell you so that they can clear their shelves.

I don’t believe in any of that.

At the Lock Source, our goal is to sell you the best security solution possible, so that you have the best lock and security hardware for the job at hand. The products we sell are ones that I not only have bought and sold for years, but have also witnessed, year after year, do the job they are supposed to do. Going even further, I have personally selected each and every product on The Lock Source because either I think they are cool, because they’re easy-to-use or, most importantly, they work. They do the job their supposed to do.

My goal at The Lock Source is to help customers source the very best security products in the quickest way humanely possible and, of course, at the best available prices. Here’s a quick overview of the locks and security products sold at The Lock Source.

Our Keyed Lock section features customizable padlocks, that can be keyed to match your existing locks or facility systems. All Keyed Padlocks are available Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA) or Master Keyed (MK), and all locks are linked to Matching Keyblanks and Cut Keys. Our Pre-Keyed Locks feature the most popular padlocks pre-keyed to match existing key numbers and key systems.  

Our Keyed Locks section consists of several types of keyed locksets, including Heavy Duty Locks, Laminated Steel Locks and Diskus Locks from Abus & Master Lock. We also feature the Abus Granit Series Padlocks as well as the Master Lock Pro Series High Security Locks. Our Rekeyable Locks consist of Brass & Steel Rekeyable Padlocks, Interchangeable Core (IC) Locks as well as the entire line of Abus 83 Series Rekeyable Locks available with several types of OEM Keyways.

Our Combination Lock section the full range of combination padlocks including Resettable Combination Locks, Heavy Duty Padlocks, Luggage Locks including TSA-Approved Padlocks, Locker Locks and Key Storage Locks from Master Lock & Abus. Set-Your-Own Combination Locks also include Brass Resettable Locks as well as the Master Lock ProSeries Combo Padlocks.

The Lock Source carries the world’s largest selection of Locker Locks across the three main Locker Lock categories: Education Locker Locks; Locker Padlocks for Business & Employees; Health & Recreation Club Locker Locks.

Our huge selection of Locker Locks is divided into eight (8) unique sections: Combination Locker Locks, Electronic Locks, Multi-User Locker Lock Padlocks, Portable Locks, Keyed Locker Locks, Key Control Locker Padlocks as well as ADA-Approved Locker Locks. All Locker Locks can be customized in any available format through The Lock Source, including color-coded locks, matching keys & key numbers, control charts & laser engraving.

The Safety Lock section of The Lock Source is ever-growing, as more and more safety products become available on the market. Currently our Lockout Tagout Locks consist of color-coordinated aluminum padlocks, IC Core Safety Locks and Steel Safety Padlocks. We also carry Abus Insulated Brass Safety Padlocks, as well as Master Lock Zenex Locks made from a special lightweight thermoplastic.

The last two main categories on The Lock Source homepage are Outdoor Locks and Indoor Locks, including HES Electric Strikes for Access Control. Outdoor Security Products include Cables & Chains, including Pre-Cut Chains and Custom Length Chain Locks. Other Lifestyle Locks including Bike Locks, Gun Locks, Hasps & Hasp Locks, as well as Van Door Locks, Real Estate Locks & Weatherproof Padlocks from Master Lock & Abus.

Not sure what locks or padlocks you need? Give The Lock Source a call and we’ll walk you through and come up with the best security hardware solution to meet your specific needs!