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Abus 10/500 Cobra Steel Cables: The Abus 10/500 Non-Coiled Steel Security Cable offers a high level of flexibility and versatility. The two ends of the Cobra Cable are looped so they can be intertwined and then locked with a padlock, allowing you to lock your valuables or secure them to a fixed object. 

Abus 10/500 C Cobra Steel Cable

  • C: Carded (blister pack) packaging for retail display
  • Flexible Steel Cable with two loop ends
  • Abus Cobra Loop Cables protect bike components (wheels, frame, and seat)
  • Cobra Loop Cables are used with U-Shackle Locks & Padlocks
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to item or paintwork
  • 10/500 Non-Coiled Steel Cable: 3/8" Diameter, 16-Foot Length
  • Ideal to secure bikes, motorbikes, and accessories such as helmets
  • Also used to lock surf boards, garden tools, household and other leisure activities

Abus 10/500 C Cobra Steel Cable

Weight:1.87 lbs
Length:196 27⁄32 inch
Diameter:25/64 inch
Packaging:C: Carded for Retail Display
Abus Part# 12713


Abus 10/500 Non-Coiled Cobra Steel Cable


Abus Non-Coiled Cobra Steel Cable, 10/500: 3/8" Diameter, 16-Foot Length.